About Me

AwardMy name is Hailey Heifner. I am twelve years old, born in Colorado. I have always had a love for art. When I was in first grade, I won an award for the best art in the whole school. I was the first person under eight to ever win this. I kept having many awards throughout the years. This year in November 2018, I put in a wood burning of mine into a wood carving show. My grandpa put one of his amazing carved pieces in every year. I thought this was fascinating so I put in one of my own. My word burning got 1st place in my category. I was so thrilled with the outcome. Every year since I was five, in November I do a craft show right after Thanksgiving on Black Friday, selling my word burnings, origami, and much more.


" Colors are the smiles of Nature"  ~  Leigh Hunt