About Me

Award   My name is Hailey Heifner. I am thirteen years old and was born in Colorado. I am a painter, a wood burner, and I love making crafts with my hands!

   I was born a preemie and showed-up 56 days earlier than my due date. The hospital I was born in wasn't able to take care of me because they weren't advanced enough to treat preemies, so I was sent by ambulance to a larger hospital one town away. Unfortunately, the weather was bad that night, or I would have been able to fly in a helicopter on my first day!

   I have always had a love for art. When I was in first grade, I won an award as the best artist in my entire school. I was the first person under eight to ever win this award! I was lucky enough to earn many awards throughout the following years, and in November of 2018, I submitted a wood-burning piece of art into a wood carving show. This show was special because my grandpa enters one of his amazing carved pieces every year and has won many awards. I thought this was fascinating, so I decided to enter one of my own pieces of art. I won 1st place in my category!

   For the last 8 years (since I was five), I have entered a holiday craft show which begins the day after Thanksgiving. I have been very successful selling my wood burnings, paintings, origami, and much more. This experience has taught me how much I want to grow as an artist, get better at my crafts, sell them in new places, and become more well known for my creativity.

   I have many interests outside of crafting and art. I run in competitive cross country and track events, play basketball and have also competed in rock climbing events. I am very active and love sports, skiing, hiking, and anything else I can do outdoors. I also love taking photos of the beautiful places in Colorado that I visit with my family.

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" Colors are the smiles of Nature"  ~  Leigh Hunt